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Independence. One Word. One Purpose (from BT)


One word but embellishes one’s mind with colours of faith and hope.One word but plays a euphonious melody to stir and wake the souls entrapped in the claws of taghut.

“Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka”-words of dignity, honour and glory ringing in our ears is the voice of Tunku Abdul Rahman with the mention of 31st August. But what is engraved in our minds with the mention of these powerful words?Is it merely the edifice erection? Or is it merely reflections of recognition or fame? Is it the image of wealth and commodity with ever flourishing economy?

Our ancestors have selflessly fought, suffered and died for these words. They suffered scarcity of food and ultimately braved harsh treatments to ensure the freedom of their children and grandchildren. Freedom against taghut. Freedom to fully practice the wonderful Deen that Allah has chosen for us. Freedom for the souls to fully submit to the One that owns the Magnificent Arasy and all between the heavens and the earth. Freedom that their grandchildren will, in turn, make flourish this Omnipotent Deen, spreading light to every corner of the world with hidayah, annihilating the darkness of jahiliyyah.

Because independence is when we are able to truly live to our purpose.

Though Bilal’s body was owned, but his echoes of ‘ahad, ahad’ has defied the dimensions of time, and till now can be heard. Echoes of freedom - ultimate freedom. Freedom of the souls to worship and submit to none but Allah Taala!Supreme independence.

Despite rejection and infinite attempts of assassination, our master, Muhammad SAW stood firm to Qauluhul Haq.. stood firm to the Words of Truth sent down by Allah. No taghut could bring him down because he had freed his soul from pleasing to taghut to pleasing Allah Tabarak Taala!Ultimate independence.

We find countless of stories of independence narrated in the most wonderful Book, Al-Quran Karim.

Though separated by time, they were united by purpose when they all said the same words. Words of ultimate freedom, “ Ya Qaumi.. Worship Allah! You have no other Ilah but Him!” (Al-A’raf:59, 65, 73, 80, 85)

Strong powerful words to free the souls of every mankind from worshipping and bowing down to the desires of their nafs. Words to free mankind from enslaving themselves to the every wish of their lust and desires.

The people of Madyan - their nafs desired wealth, so they enslaved themselves and would do anything even if it meant cheating on others.The people of Lut –their nafs desired to practice their lusts on men instead of women, so they enslaved themselves and would go as far as tormenting and driving out the people who get in their way.The people of Nuh, Hud, Salih.. – their nafs desired them to worship rocks. Though their nafs desired to go way beyond the boundaries of dignity and honour and comprehensibility – they obeyed.

“Mereka diperhambakan. Lalu mereka bergembira”

The words they uttered in response were baseless, empty – utterance of ignorance. Following no Book of Guidance, nor any guidance for that matter, but completely bowing down to the foolish desires of the nafs.

(7:60) The leaders of his people said:, “Verily we see you in plain error”

(7:66) The leaders of those who disbelieved said, “Verily we see you in foolishness, and verily we think you are one of the liars”

(7:76) Those who were arrogant said, “Verily we disbelieve in what you believe in”

(7:88) The leaders of those who were arrogant said, “We shall certainly drive you out, O Shu’aib, and those who have believed with you from our towns, or else you shall return to our religion”

Allahu akbar..

Islam came to free mankind from enslaving themselves from the nasty grips of deception of the nafs and taghut to submit to the One! The One Who has Created us, nourished us, sustained us, given so much to us in this life – only to give more in the hereafter!

And here we are today trying to free ourselves from this ultimate freedom, to enslave us ourselves to our nafs! To taghut! - that will, in the Day of Qiyamah, would cause nothing but eternal destruction and regret.

Brothers and sisters,

in mi’raj it was you and I.

in his tahajjud is was me and you.

every second of the life of our dear nabi was sacrificed to make sure the word of independence would free the souls of his ummah!

Our great-grandparents embraced this message full-heartedly. Once, the world’s eyes were on Malacca and was a power that was feared – for our ancestors feared no one but Allah Ta’ala. Our grandparents fought for independence to free their grandchildren from the claws of taghut so that the message of our beloved would continue to free the souls of mankind.

The last thing on their minds was that independence would ramificate jahiliyyah to creep into the souls of their grandchildren.

Pubs, rempits, never-ending stories of unwanted pregnancies – the list is endless.

Our souls have plunged deep and is much entangled in the abyss of our own wrong doings - but Ar-Rahman has shown us a way out. Sirat Al-Mustaqim.

I remind myself and i implore you, let us return to repentance, let us ask for forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala. Our iman tears for the Quran, our iman longs for tahajjud, for total submission to The One and none other.

And thus, with the echoes of “merdeka”, Allah Taala by His Grace has opened up an avenue so to free our souls – Ramadhan.

Let us make full use of our Ramadhan because Allah has said in Al-Baqarah:183 that we are required to fast so that we become Al-Muttaqun.


Taqwa is the key to independence! Key to freedom! Eternal freedom!

Grab this key, and hold on tight to it.

(3:103) Hold on tight to the Rope of Allah.

Paint our Ramadhan with the vibrant colours of faith. The heart is in desperate need to hear the beautiful words of its Creator. The soul desperately longs for the night long sujud – dedicating each and every thought to the One that our souls love most.

Because independence is when we are able to truly live to our purpose.


One word.

One purpose. Say: Allah is One.

(Al-Ikhlas: 1-4)

(adapted from Bahan Tarbiyyah dot Info)

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