Friday, August 04, 2006

Khutbah Jumaat: Stregthening our Iman with Knowledge
(Diambil dan diolah daripada Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, MUIS)

First Khutbah

Brothers in Islam,

Let’s have taqwa to Allah s.w.t, a taqwa that permeates every aspect of our lives. The deeper our taqwa is, the stronger will be our Iman to Allah. And when our Iman is strong, it will be easy for us to achieve excellence in this world and the Hereafter.

My Brothers,

Whether we like it or not, there will always be changes in this world, simply because human knowledge continues to expand and increase. And in facing thes
e changes, our Iman is our fortress. And this fortress can only be strengthen with knowledge. Through Iman and knowledge, we will be able to become navigators, to initiate new changes in this world.


Our faith (Iman) is like a tree. If it is not taken care of, sooner or later, it will die. But, if it is treated carefully, we give our attention to it, the tree will produce results that will benefit others.

Our Iman is also exposed to thousand and one types of challenges and attractions. Thus, we must strengthen our Iman with sound knowledge. This is the most important factor in strengthening our Iman. And Iman that is based on knowledge will fortify our principles as one who believe in Allah and His Messenger.

Someone who believes, but lacks the essential knowledge, will just follow whatever people say, without stopping to think and analyse its truthfulness. He will be easily swayed and lose his bearing as a true Mukmin.

Thus, we must have knowledge to strengthen our Iman. We must learn the attributes of Allah. For only through those attributes can we know Him. We must also study what Allah has created. For only through it can we see and realize the greatness of Allah. In addition to that, we also need to learn what Allah has commanded, so that we can fulfill our live according to what He wants.

Allah s.w.t says in surah Al-‘Alaq, ayat 1:

Which means: Read! In the name of your God who has created.

From this ayat, we can conclude that any knowledge that we possess can be used to strengthen our Iman to Allah. And this can achieve if we link them to the greatness of Allah and His commandments.

With a strengthened Iman, a Muslim can ensure that his actions will not destroy his principles as a true servant of Allah.

For example, if someone is an entrepreneur, he will not only learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, but he will also be concerned and learn what Islam says on entrepreneurship, of the dos and don’ts, such us the prohibition from hiding goods, taking usuries, injustice and cheating.

And if someone is a professional, he will ensure that what he delivers is not to gain praise and awards from others, but to be sincere and true to his discipline.

And if he is a young person, he will know the boundaries of his religion. He will respect his parents, take care of himself, and not to destroy himself with unhealthy and harmful trends and practices.

Those who fulfill wholeheartedly the commandments of Islam will bring much benefit to the society.

With a strong Iman, a sound knowledge, our community will not be easily swayed by deviant teachings. We will hold strongly to our faith, and will receive Allah’s assistance. True to what Allah says in surah Fussilat, ayat 30:

Which means: As for those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah;’ and then remain steadfast, the angels descend on them, reassuring them: `Fear not, nor grieve; and rejoice in the glad tidings of the Garden which you were promised.’

My brothers,

How can we increase our knowledge and strengthen our Iman?

First: We should seek knowledge for the sake of Allah, to achieve a balance and integrated life. We seek knowledge to gain Allah’s pleasure and to glorify Him. In this regard, Allah says in surah Fathir, ayat 28:

Which means: Only those of His servants who are endowed with knowledge fear Allah.

Second: We must know that Islam stressed upon life-long learning. We can seek knowledge anywhere and from anyone, as long as we remain steadfast to the principles of Iman.

For example, we can learn about other religions and faiths for the purpose of getting to know them and understand them. At the same time, we must also strengthen our Iman through this process. Only when we know people of other faiths and religions, we will be able to share those common areas.

Third: We must ensure that the knowledge we seek must be beneficial to ourselves, our Deen, our community and nation.

My brothers,

To achieve excellence in our community, we must hold fast to the principles of Iman. We must also aspire to have an integrated knowledge that is based on Tauheed, and to do good for the benefit of our Ummah, and to gain Allah’s pleasure.

Brothers when you return home or your workplace, please do give a thought on what have been said. Let us think on how we can strengthen our Iman through knowledge and be a better muslim.

Second Khutbah

Dear brothers,

Remain conscious of Allah, and remember that our life on earth is temporary, and the hereafter is truly everlasting. Let’s prepare ourselves for the day we meet our Creator, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, by continuing to do good, and refraining from doing bad.

My dear Brothers,

The crisis in the Middle East crisis is still ongoing. There is no clear solution as yet, which will stop this violence and bloodshed. As it happens, more innocent human lives are lost and properties and infrastructures are destroyed. The spreading of violence is unacceptable in our Islamic teachings and values, and in all wise human thinking. We are concerned, but we must continue to uphold the virtue of compassion as enjoined by Allah and His Messenger. Living in our peaceful and harmonious Adelaide, let’s continue to show the beauty of Islam by remaining true to the Islamic principles of mercy and compassion.

In this trying moments, we seek Allah’s help, and His infinite bounties to restore peace and harmony in the hearts of all mankind. Oppression, violence and agression in all its forms are unwarranted, and may Allah cure the hearts that seek to spread destruction, and guide them to the blessed path.

May Allah grant His guidance to all parties involved, to choose peaceful solutions to these crises. May the weak and oppressed be given strength and support by Allah Almighty. May all our hopes and prayers be answered by Allah the Most Compassionate.

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