Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ummah Films...

I got a message from Ihsan about this video clip. This is one out of 10 clips that he made by himself. You can get the videos from Ummah Films or Youtube.

It is a very meaningful videoclip indeed. Brother Baba Ali discussed some of the common issues about Islam and practising the beautiful religion.

I have to admit, he is a very creative person. He shows how beautiful a Muslim life can be. How to appreciate our life as a Muslim. These 'mini-films' are what we need to educate the public about Islam. Not making the public more distracted about the truth of this beautiful religion. Our religion. For instance, the Yasmin Ahmad film 'Gubra' created in Malaysia shows how bad a life of a Muslim can be. I mean, if a person that tries to understand Islam sees it, I'm sure the person's perspective about Islam will deteoriates. When I watched the film in my flight back from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur (with Paklan at that time), we're both can't stand with what the film wanted to take the audiences. Nauseating.

Thus, I urged Muslims to open our eyes. When all of the world have Islamophobia set in their minds, it is up to us to show them what Islam is all about. And that needs the help from the Muslims themselves. To show the way of life in Islam. To show the beautiful of Islam.

One point that I want to mention, Bro. Baba Ali is a revert Muslim (see clip 10- Season Finale). See how he appreciates the religion very much.. How he holds the Aqidah (believes and faith) tightly so that it can't be fade easily.

So, it is up to us. Whether we want to uphold the Islam or not.

"This is Ali, reminding you in case that you forgot"


immaia said...

"dont complaint about the situation of the ummah,, if we, ourselves is disconnected from Allah..if you loose Allah SWT, you will loose everything"

ihsan_huhu said...

hoho..aku layan sume clip(10) mlm tuh r.. bes2.. pandai r die wat.. susa tuh